Simcenter™ Heeds

Heeds™ is the Siemens PLM Software for Design space exploration helps engineers deliver superior performance. Using HEEDS™ software allows you to do this by changing the paradigm. You no longer start with a design and use simulation to only evaluate performance. You can now define desired performance and allow HEEDS™ and your simulation tools to help you identify good designs.

Modeling and simulation software provides an excellent way for designers and engineers to cost-effectively
evaluate how their prod­ucts will perform under expected operating conditions.

Design space exploration software takes modeling and simulation to the next level by allowing users to
determine appropriate values of variables that yield product designs that result in exceptional performance.

Using HEEDS™ from Siemens PLM Software simplifies the design space exploration process so all simulation engineers can discover better designs, faster. It helps unlock the full power of your computer-aided engineering (CAE) tools so you can move beyond troubleshooting and verifying designs and use simulation to drive innovation and performance.

HEEDS™ include proprietary design space exploration functionality that is used to simultaneously leverage multiple global and local search strategies and adapt the search as it learns more about the design space. It requires no algorithmic search expertise on the part of the user, but easily incorporates user intuition through its collaborative search capabilities. This process allows you to identify higher-performing families of designs with minimal simulation time and cost. This approach, known as SHERPA:

  • Requires no model simplification, model fitting or surrogates
  • Uses hybrid, adaptive intelligent search to find better designs in fewer evaluations
  • Helps you reduce search time, product development costs and product design risks

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