Simcenter Amesim

System simulation supports design, manufacturing and maintenance across industries by enabling you to: 

  • Predict the behavior of mechatronic systems
  • Balance conflicting performance attributes
  • Benchmark multiple design options to improve your product
  • Reduce physical prototyping and testing to a strict minimum

This results in accelerated design cycles, reduced development costs and superior products that excite your customers. System simulation enables you to engineer the right product.

Simcenter Amesim offers engineers an integrated simulation platform to accurately predict the multidisciplinary performance of intelligent systems. It enables you to model, simulate and analyze multi-domain controlled systems and offers plant modeling capabilities to connect to controls design helping you assess and validate control strategies.

With Simcenter Amesim, users can access any types of physics from predefined libraries of components and ready-to-use templates of systems and subsystems, so that’s finally easy to get your modeling integrating all parts together to get your analysis of interest.

Simulation models based on physical connections

Amesim Applications

Libraries and Solutions

Simcenter Amesim comes with standard libraries to accelerate your modeling activities for Systems Performance Engineering:

  • Off-the-shelf libraries, developed and validated in combination with partners (OEMs or suppliers)
  • 50 standard libraries, +6500 submodels
  • Interlock compatibility
  • Unified design, high fidelity


  • Signal and controls
  • Mechanics
  • Hydraulics, Pneumatics
  • Electrics and Electro-mechanics
  • Energy storage, Battery
  • Thermal and Thermodynamics
  • IC Engine, Exhaust
  • Aerospace and Defense

Simcenter Mechatronic System Simulation solutions
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