2018 Calendar

Workshop on Acoustic Testing

The Siemens Center, 60 Macpherson Road Singapore 348615

12 July 2018 (Thursday) 8.30am – 12.00pm

 8:30a.m.    Welcome and coffee

9:00 a.m.   Introduction – Siemens Simcenter Testing Solutions

9:15 a.m.   Sound source localization

  • Microphone array techniques: beamforming and holography de-mystified
  • Simcenter Sound Camera
  • Simcenter Soundbrush and latest intensity scanning methods

10:30 a.m.   Break

10:45 a.m  Sound quality

  • Binaural heads
  • Audio replay and filtering
  • Sound Metrics Unleashed: Loudness, Roughness, Tonality, etc…

12:00pm End

Femap What’s New in Version 12.0 workshop
Speaker: Seiji Chiba

We cordially invite you to attend the “Femap What’s New in version 12.0” seminar on 16th November 2018. This session will show attendees how these enhancements relate to your simulation requirements, driven capabilities and help to streamline your simulation processes with Femap including CAD support, mesh-centric modeling tools, analysis support, post processing and etc.

In addition, you can look forward to:

  • User interface and visualizion
  • Geometry
  • Postprocessing
  • Solver support for multi-step nonlinear
  • Solver support for design and topology optimization

Course Itinerary

1:30pm Registration
2:00pm Femap 12 What’s New
3:45pm Coffee Break
4.00pm Advanced solvers
4:30pm Solid Edge integration

16 Nov 2018 (Friday)

2:00pm – 5.30pm

Siemens Industry Software Pte Ltd
The Siemens Centre, 11th Floor
60 Macpherson Road
Singapore 348615